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CSBot is the best chatbot development Company in Nigeria, we are revolutionizing the Nigerian Customer Service landscape, and we are located in Lagos! Are you looking to integrate automated chatbots into your Brand on Facebook? A lot of Companies in Nigeria are currently doing same. And with Messaging Apps surpassing Social Media platforms as the destination of choice for most users, more and more business is being conducted on FB Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, BBM, and Telegram

So why use a Chatbot?

It is Automated

Chatbots are automated and so do not mind responding to the same questions over and over again from different customers.

Always Polite

Because they are robots, Chatbots cannot get angry at a customer for any reason. They simply do not bring their drama to work.

Available 24/7

Any time of the day you message a Chatbot, you will always get answers. This helps in improving sales and customer satisfaction.

Handling Customers

Humans can only handle a few customers at the same time, however, a chatbot can handle hundreds of conversations at the same exact time.

Saves Money

By employing a Chatbot to answer your most asked questions, you would ultimately save the cost of employing first-level support staff

Satisfies Most Customers

At the end of the session, the customer is usually able to get the information he/she wants. As far as it is in the system, the Chatbot knows it.

Personalized Replies

The chatbot by default has your basic Facebook information, so can personalize messages by calling your name or identifying your gender.

Simpler to Follow

The most effective chatbots are built with guides that are simple to follow for customers to get the answers they are looking for

Work on any Device

Since messenger applications work on Smartphones, Tablets, and Desktops, your chatbot can handle customers accessing from different devices.


Find Below our Chatbot Development and Maintenance Pricing

Basic Chatbot

Setup Cost
N 55,000

A Basic Chatbot that explains your product, and collects customer contact details, for a Sales person to follow up on. Ensuring immediate customer response and basic information gathering.


N 27,000 /mo.

Standard Chatbot Popular

Setup Cost
N 150,000

A Standard Chatbot provides additional conversation branches to answer most customer Frequently Asked Questions, and also collects details for a Sales person to close the sale or conclude the support

Sample: OBBTI

N 64,000 /mo.

Advanced Chatbot

Setup Cost
Call In

Beyond Intelligently serving information and collecting customer contact details, an Advanced Chatbot also integrates AI powered NLP and other third party tools like Online Payment, database information, and API Integrations



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